About Miracle Me Photography

girl"Where Miracles are made into memories"

Miracle Me Photography began due to customers being completely satisfied with the quality & customer service of our 3D/4D Imaging and wanting to come back to us to continue capturing their Miracle memories.

Our Passion and vision here at Miracle Me is to provide you all with a relaxed comfortable environment where you can come and see, bond, and witness the miracles of life. A place where we can capture the most out of these special moments in your life.

Babies do not stay little for long so we have come up with various packges to suit everyone at this time.

Miracle Me has put in place a one stop shop Offering you the convenience to be able to come to the one place each time to capture your 3D/4D Ultrasound, Photography and even hand and feet castings of your little ones,  ensuring that you get the service you all deserve.

Because our services are all in one place we are able to offer you packages that include your
3D/4D Ultrasound Images as well as your Maternity & Newborn pictures in keepsake
albums orcollages (please see products page for options).

We have an AMAZING photographer’s who are happy to discuss styles and ideas with you during your sitting,  as we all know that when it comes to special times like these,
"one size does not fit all"!

Miracle Me is here for you!!!

Miracles DO Happen.........

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