"I just wanted to thank you again and let you know how much we really enjoyed the experience of seeing our baby on a 3D scan with you and for all the time you spent with us, we really appreciate the service you provided. We were buzzing for the rest of the day. Although funnily enough Mark and I both said seperately afterwards 'we should have found out the gender as now we have all these pictures we want to know whether the little one is a boy or a girl!' Oh well the surprise will be great.

So once again, thank you very much for the opportunity you provided to see our little baby and the long lasting memories with the images and DVD."

- Candice.


"I wanted to Thank you for our fantastic experience we recently had at your facility. From the moment we walked in...we knew we were going to experience something very special. The viewing room was amazing and comfortable! But seeing our beautiful daughter for the first time in 3D took our breath away! The photos we bought were also wonderful as we emailed them all around Australia to friends and family. My 78 yr old Grandmother was so impressed! This was the first time she had ever seen one. I highly recommend your company to all my friends(or anyone that will listen). The staff were also excellent...thank you once again." 

- L and B Hossac.


"Just wanted to thank you so much for our experience on Saturday, Initially our intention was to have the 3D scan to confirm gender only and to see our baby one last time before her arrival. Now we have already booked 2 more scans, to share with our family travelling from interstate.
Up until now everything has seemed so clinical and medical and whilst we could see our baby neither my husband nor I could really make anything out that resembled "OUR" child growing inside of me and just looked like any other baby.

We walked away on Saturday BLOWN AWAY not only did you confirm that we were having a girl, you were kind enough to tell us how beautiful and cute she was. Whilst she is only 22 weeks old, my husband and I could already see her exhibiting my characteristics all curled up in a ball and sucking the back of her hand, WOW!!

The highlight of Saturday was confirming those movements were in-fact my child moving inside of me and watching my husband fall in love with our little girl, up until now he hasn't been able to relate to the pregnancy and you and you technology has allowed my husband to put a face to our child. I cant wait to see you and our baby girl again, thanks Jane."

- R and M Barnes.


"Again I would like to say a huge Thank you for the scan yesterday. You do a fantastic job, and without you there would have been no hope for my pregnancy!! I went to Miracle Me yesterday for my final scan, 30 weeks, before my baby is born. My last scan was at the beginning of my horrible pregnancy so I was really looking forward to this scan.

Throughout my pregnancy I was extreamly sick and run down, somedays not even being able to get out of bed, with the bucket beside me! After the first scan, I was not looking forward to having my baby at all, and did not believe I could continue with the pregnancy. The only hope came after I went for a 20 weeks scan at Miracle Me, and saw that there was actually something growing there, and that even though I was soooo sick it would all be worth it in the end.

Jane provided above and beyond care as she gave me my scan, and reasured me that it was all worth it. My scan this time round at 30 weeks, was more a joy than antisipation, seeing what my beautiful baby looks like even before its born. I believe that what Jane does at Miracle Me, and what she will do in the future, will continue to help women in the hard times, and I find I have become a walking(almost rolling!!!) billboard for her, and recommend the fantastic work that she does to every pregnant person I see!!!(even the lady at the bank).

So thank you, for saving my baby and I'm sure many others, and for giving me back hope. You are one in a million Jane, and I look forward to seeing you when my baby arrives."

- C Clark 


"Two weeks ago my family and I came in for an ultrasound. It was very challenging to get good images as I suffered from Oligohydramnios and there was basically no fluid. The sonographer was so lovely, and spent the extra time needed to get some good images

She was so positive and really brightenend our day. Last Sunday our little girl was born at 27 weeks 2 days, weighing 795 grams! She's defied all the odds and keeps amazing us all. Her lungs are immature of course, but apart from that she has no other problems!

We'd just like to say thank you for keeping us in your prayers, and for being so positive when most of our doctors had no hope. You've really made an impact on our lives and we'll never forget the day you showed us our little girl for the first time!"

- .J, D and S Robinson


"I came to Miracle Me when I was 20 weeks pregnant, when I walked into Miracle Me I instantly felt comfortable, and the service and quality of care and attention I recieved was the utmost high standard, and the experience left me feeling on cloud 9!

The scan which I received allowed me to bond more with my baby and made the whole pregnancy not seem so bad as I had been sick :-(

I have since recommended this service to several friends who are pregnant, and will continue to. I am now looking forward to going for my next 3d/4d scan with all my family and friends."

- Crystal.


"My Partner and I had our scan on the weekend and would like to say thank you. It was an amazing experience, something we will never forget. I would like to thanks Jane for her patience as our little man was asleep most of the time and hiding under the placenta. I ended up sending my partner down the road to get me a chocolate, this ended up waking our son up.

We got good shots and the DVD is awesome we have already watched it 3 times since Sat, the DVD cracks me up as I can see my belly moving from laughing so much!

Thanks so much Jane for helping make our memory a happy and enjoyable one. You were very patient and it was nice to be able to have a laugh with you at the same time.

We will be recommending Miracle Me to a lot of people."

- C and D.


"I would like to thank Miracle Me for making my teenage mum to feel very welcome. She wasn't judged by her age, she was treated like a mum having a baby. It was a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere and seeing my baby  grandaughters face was so amazing, she looks so much like my daughter.

Thank you Miracle Me" 

- Mrs Chivers.

I just wanted to thank you so much for sharing our special moment with us. We will treasure this day for the rest of our lives.  My husband and I look forward to seeing you again when we come back for the photo shoot with bub. Thank you so much for everything, you have no idea how much it meant to both my husband and I and my family.

Yours sincerely Amy


I send a huge thank you for the gift you gave me on Saturday when I met my grandson because of the fabulous work you do, I thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart also for the understanding you made for us when we all got lost  and the extra time you gave us all so that the scan could give us the blessing we all received. I drove home feeling a bond with my grandson and much love for his mum (my daughter) as I have ever known in my life. I cannot wait to meet him now. Pride does not express what I felt and the simple thank you does not express how I feel for what Miracle Me has given me.

For all that come after us, I want them to know that – you change lives, you create bonds and give so much love to so many every day. I am but one..... Thank you.

Kindest regards Kerry


I am the grandmother of Amy and I would like the thank you personally for the Miracle that you gave to me and all the others that were there. I am still feeling the feelings of what I saw through those scans, and the memory and the images will stay in my heart and mind forever. I wanted to Thank you for your professionalism and your caring nature of how you helped my granddaughter through it all.

Everything was magic, the whole atmosphere that you gave us was unreal, even the music in the background was lovely. You are exceptional people and the job you are doing. The name is very apt as I think the whole thing was a true Miracle. Once again Thank you for the very special gift you gave me and my family.



I would like to thank the ladies at Miracle Me. They were brilliant and so professional. They made our experience of seeing our beautiful little girl in 3D/4D for the first time a very amazing and memorable experience. The package we received was amazing value and well worth it. The lady who conducted our Ultrasound did an amazing job at capturing our little girl.

I thank you ever so kindly for everything and have already suggested your company to 3 of my good friends. You can be sure I will be suggesting it to everyone I meet. Keep up the fantastic work. I cannot thank you enough.

Michael and Stacey


Hi, I just wanted to write and let you know how much we appreciate the fantastic service and most beautiful atmosphere during our scan. We watched the DVD as soon as we got back to my Grandparents and the tears started flowing, such an emotional bonding experience! The music is what set me off, it is beautiful, watching it after with my little bundle of joy moving around on the screen is so overwhelming! Now we are back in Adelaide it has been viewed by many friends and family (My partner wants to show it toe EVERYONE! He he) It was an absolute wonderful experience, Thank you so much!!!!

Sean and Natasha


To the lovely staff at Miracle Me,

I am writing to say how happy we are with your staff and facility, and Thank you for an amazing experience. After our beautiful 3d/4d ultrasound today we left feeling not only overwhelmed by seeing our baby but also extremely satisfied all round.
Your facility was warm and inviting, friendly and well thought out. We wish your staff all the best for the future and hope to come in and have a fantastic visit with my next pregnancy.

Kelly and Chris