Standards and Practices

Miracle Me is referred to by more OB/GYN’s in Queensland than any other 4D Ultrasound studio because we hold ourselves to the highest standards possible.  You can feel comfortable coming to Miracle Me, as you read more about our standards & practices:

For your knowledge, please note the following:

  1. Miracle Me  3D/ 4D requires that ALL of our clients are under prenatal care.
  2. We will not perform an ultrasound on anyone before they have had their diagnostic ultrasound. We feel it is extremely important that they have had their diagnostic ultrasound to avoid finding out anything at our location that was not previously found during their routine, doctor-ordered ultrasound.
  3. We do not do ANY diagnostic ultrasound.  Any questions our clients have concerning the health, weight, size, or overall well-being of the baby are all referred back to their OB/GYN.  We encourage you to show your doctor your ultrasound pictures if they have any concerns.
  4. We operate using the GE – Voluson machine at safe levels this is very important to know if the provider you are choosing has their machines set on the approved and correct settings.
  5. All of our technicians are certified and specialise in 3d/4d ultrasound and are amongst the most experienced at getting you the best possible 3d ultrasound pictures in Australia.